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Black Spell takes its inspiration from board sports culture and the arts. As part of an ongoing ‘Community Feature’ series here at blackspell.co.uk, we’re going to highlight some of the other creatives we have the pleasure of working along side. This is your chance to get to know a little more about the people and processes behind the art; the riders, artists, photographers, makers, creators and collaborators.

India Hambloch and Rudi West

India Hambloch and Rudi West are van dwelling, content creating, digital nomads currently in Brighton, UK. You may have seen them featured in recent Black Spell social media and advertising campaigns.

We spoke to the pair earlier this week to find out a little more about their home on wheels.

India Hambloch and Rudi West – Content Creators

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Rudi – I’m probably the most sarcastic person you’ll meet. I surf, skate and spend as much time in the water or outside as possible. I’m a nomad at heart and love nothing more than getting out there and exploring in our emerald home on wheels.

India – I eat my bodyweight in hummus daily. I’m a sustainable living advocate and an ambassador for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS). You can find me either in the sea, skating or somewhere in the wild. I love all things outdoors and have a gypsy soul that can’t be tamed.  

What is it that attracts you to van life?

There’s actually so many things that attract us to this lifestyle. The main reason being the ability to call anywhere home. We love always being ready for any adventure and living a simple life with no unnecessary clutter. I guess it’s all about experiences! For example, cooking in a new place with a new view every night turns what most people see as a chore into such an awesome experience.

Where was the last place you took a trip to?

The last place we went to was the New forest. We really enjoy exploring the UK as there are so many cool places that aren’t in the tour guides right on our doorstep. It’s amazing what you can find close by, if you just step off the trail a little and go off piste!

Tell us about your van/conversion?

The conversion for this van was pretty simple as it’s only small, but it really is like Mary Poppins’ handbag. The conversion is mostly made out of recycled/free material as it just made sense. We designed the bed to have interlocking slats so that it can double in size in one swift manoeuvre.  There’s storage for clothes and the like in the side unit and above the cab as well as a useful space in front of the back doors to hang flippers, snorkels, coats, chairs etc. We also designed the bed to be wide and high enough to take a few boards, which gets them out of the way. We also store wetsuits, bbq, cooking equipment, skateboards and other useful nik-naks under there.

I’ve recently had a computer overhaul so have lost some pictures, but here’s a few here which should give you the gist.

“The conversion is mostly made out of recycled/free material as it just made sense.” – Rudi West
“We also designed the bed to be wide and high enough to take a few boards” – Rudi West
“You can find me either in the sea, skating or somewhere in the wild” – India Hambloch

Name 3 “must haves” you constantly have in your van

That’s a tough one!! We’re going to assume that skateboards, surf gear etc. is a given.

Rudi –

Camera gear, always to hand to freeze moments in time.

Wetwipes. As much as I hate the smell of these things they are bloody useful (biodegradable, plastic free of course!)

Hand brush, a clean van is a happy van!

India –

Pack of playing cards. Rudi’s a sore loser 😀

Speaker. I love to dance!

Camera gear. Life happens fast and I don’t want to miss a thing

Obviously COVID-19 has had a severe impact on travel this year. What’s on the cards when things ease up?

Covid has thwarted many of our plans. We had a few long trips organised this year. However, with the time we’ve had to ‘regroup’ we have made some exciting new plans, which will be underway soon. One of which is to invest in a larger van so we can sack of renting and fulfil both our dreams of going full blown, full time digital nomads.

Which photo sums up your adventures together?

That would be this one:

India Hambloch and Rudi West

Where can we follow your adventures?

You can follow our adventures on our page @wild.and.west or for a variety of content follow our individual pages @_qwest.for.more_ and @_indie.wild_.

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Top tip- check your equipment!🤦‍♂️⬇️ • Seconds before this sequence was taken I realised I hadn’t tightened my truck bolts. I had noticed the night before they were loose as fu*k 🙄 • This hill was also a lot faster than I expected but I was allready commited so had to just stay low and desperately fight to control the speed wobble.😅 • There were some super sketchy moments and my concentration tongue was flapping about like a bloody windsock🎏 • Only just made it unscathed and my tongue is safely back where it belongs 👅 😂 • Shredthreads-@blackspellink 📸 @_indie.wild_ . . . . . #surftime #surfinglifestyle #surferboy #surfculture #boardculture #surfyourskate #longboardinglife #sk8er #surfskater #streetsurfing #skatetrip #skatelife #skateboardingisforever #concretesurfing #downhillskateboarding #longboardlife #longboarder #downhillskate #skaterboy #downhilllongboard #longboardworld #thankyouskateboarding #skateboardingislife #sk8ing #longboardporn #homeofskateboarding #skateboardphotography

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