What Makes Black Spell Unisex Tees So Comfortable?

/ / What Makes Black Spell Unisex Tees So Comfortable?

Black Spell unisex tees are super soft and durable. We’re constantly receiving good feedback from our customers on this (it’s often the first thing they say!). We pride ourselves on creating products which are quality and built to last.

In order to produce a product which feels super soft to wear, as well as designs which are soft to the touch/do not crack after washing, we use 100% airlume combed AND ring spun cotton tees. We then print on them using waterbased inks which are not only much more gentle on the environment, but allow our designs to last.

We’ll make them, you throw life at them, deal?

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Black Spell Unisex Apparel

Black Spell – 100% Combed and Ring Spun Cotton

What is Ringspun Cotton?

Ringspun cotton fabric goes through a process whereby it is spun using ring frames. Fabric made up from ringspun cotton is usually considered superior to cotton produced through other processes because the finished product is noticeably finer, softer and more durable.

How is it made?

In the ‘ringspun process’, the yarn is made by continuously twisting and thinning the strands making a very fine rope of cotton fibres. The twisting process allows the short hairs of the cotton to stand out which results in a much stronger yarn. The number of times the fibre is twisted determines how soft the fabric will be.

How is it different to regular cotton?

With regular cotton (or open-end), the fibres run perpendicular to the fibre bundle. With ring spun cotton, the fibres are aligned and all go in the same direction. Shorter fibres stick out, thereby making the garment feel softer.

What is Airlume Combed Cotton?

This is where the impurities in the cotton have been combed out before being spun making the fabric softer to touch.

The Space Witch SS Tee


Due to the tight-knit weave on the ringspun cotton fabric, the surface is smoother, giving the print more of a softer/lighter feel. Open ended cotton can cause the print to feel rough and scratchy, whereas the tight knit weave in ring spun cotton creates a flatter, smoother print. This is comparable to painting onto ordinary wood or sanded wood. You will get a much nicer finish when you paint onto a sanded down surface. Additionally, unlike many other fabrics, washing will not dramatically reduce the quality of a ringspun cotton garment.


The main advantages of using ring spun cotton is its strength and softness. Tees made with ringspun cotton feel extremely soft and comfortable. Although products made from ringspun cotton can be slightly more expensive, their soft and long-lasting nature make them a great option for high-quality apparel.

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