Wales Rampage Poster Artwork – UK Vert Series

As part of sponsoring the UK Vert Series 2021, Black Spell has created the poster for the Welsh leg of the series, Wales Rampage. Following the Skaterham and Ramp City events, this event will be help at Spit & Sawdust, the UK’s newest vert ramp, on the 29th of August. You can check out both ratio versions the poster, featuring our signature hand-drawn style below.

You can view the current UK Vert Series rankings and register for the next event Wales Rampage now – click here.

Wales Rampage Flying Dragon Artwork Poster

Spit and Sawdust Vert Ramp

Spit and Sawdust have brought a vert ramp back to Wales for the first time in 20 years.  Wales has a great history of vert skaters and this new ramp will bring a new generation of flying dragons to the vert scene in the UK and Europe.  

The ramp is open to the elements but the external skatelite being used will ensure a good quality skate for many years.  The ramp stands at 12ft high and is an impressive 32ft wide. An interesting removable extension has already been added with a 6ft half dartboard shape that will allow for some amazing tricks….there may be a bespoke tombstone on it’s way from London town for the event too!

Everyone deserves to skate the newest addition to the UK vert scene, so get out of your house and on the road for a great vert ramp, lovely welsh hospitality and the best quality and value burgers on the skate scene in the UK.

Who are Black Spell?

Conjuring a diverse range of imagery, Black Spell infuses the realms of the new and old and demonstrates inspiration with a variation of styles and cultures including: skateboarding, surfing, psychedelic, retro and macabre to name but a few. With this dark yet bizarre concoction, of which alludes to it’s iconic nuances, Black Spell takes a contemporary, alternative, and somewhat distinctive approach to the demands of the modern-day fashion industry, an industry that is saturated, yet persistently thriving.

Our aim is to cut the shackles of mundanity, cross a bridge into the unknown and we invite you to join us. The psychedelic church, the ministry of darkness, the unholy sabbath, We are Black Spell.


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