UK Vert Series 2021 Kicks Off 4th July


Skateboarding is alive and well. Black Spell are proudly sponsoring the UK Vert Series 2021, which kicks off next month with Sunday Service at Skaterham Skatepark. See you in Church!

UK Vert Series 2021 – Sunday Service

UK Vert Series 2021 calendar

  • Sunday Service | Skaterham Skatepark, Caterham | 4th July 2021
  • Seaside Session | Ramp City, Blackpool | 1st August 2021
  • Wales Rampage | Spit and Sawdust, Cardiff | 29th August 2021
  • Mount Hawke Vert Jam | Cornwall | 26th September 2021
  • Blockless Combat | Creation, Birmingham | 23rd-24th October 2021

UK Vert Series 2021 comp Info (

Each competition will follow roughly the same schedule and format. There may be slight changes to the following at each competition, depending on the number of riders and any unforeseen circumstances but this should give you a good idea what to expect.


  • A Group: pro/am and previous B group 1st/2nd
  • B Group: any ability
  • Masters: 40 yrs old+

Note: We have no gender grouping. We encourage girls and women to get involved and if there are enough in any group, we may even have a separate podium.

Standard format:

This is how the actual competitions are run:

  • Riders take it in turns (ordered jam)
    • MC will read riders’ names out in order
  • No time limits for runs
  • Heats
    • 3 runs each (best run counts)
  • Final
    • 4 runs each (best 2 runs count)
    • Unordered jam session (snake) if there’s time
    • First wall rebate (try your best trick first!)

Special exceptions

At some events, you may see an interesting addition to the usual format. In recent years, Blockless Combat A Group had two special runs amongst the normal format – a lip-trick-only run and an airs-only run that will test the riders in each discipline. If the rider performs a trick outside the rules for that run, their run will be over. This usually results in some awesome skating and really levels the playing field.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter the UK Independent Vert Series. All we ask is that you can pump well on a vert ramp so you can take a run with a few high walls, there’s a wide range of abilities across both groups. We’ve had under 10’s up to, erm… slightly more mature riders.

NO GENDER RESTRICTIONS, boys, girls, women, men and any other category you find yourself in – you’re welcome!

What’s the difference between A and B groups?

There are no written rules to say who goes in A or B groups. It’s a decision you make based on your own confidence and ability, but if we think you’re too good for B group, you can bet you’ll be put in A group! If you win B group, move your ass on up!

I’m not 40 yet, can I join the Masters?

We’d normally prefer that you’re at least turning 40 in the year of competition, but if you’re not challenging for the podium then it’s all about creating fun groups with plenty of riders, so let us know and we’ll sort you out.



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