Mount Hawke – UK Vert Series 2021 – Event #4

Mount Hawke Vert Jam

The UK Vert Series stopped at Mount Hawke in Cornwall for the 4th event on the calendar on Sunday 26th September. Next and last stop, Creation Birmingham!

Here are just some of our favourite shots from the man on the ramp @stubennettphoto 📸  (go follow him!). You can view Stu’s full gallery over one the UK Vert Series’ Facebook pages here.

Cornwall Vert Jam Winners 2021

Here are the winners of each category and their Instagram handles to go check them out!


1st – @lola_t_

2nd – @lillyskate28

3rd – @oliveandkit


1st – @jack_skates_56

2nd – @fergsk8er

3rd – @stan._.b


1st – @streetnowik

2nd – @mrhudsonskates

3rd – @seangoff_toddtwist


1st – @georgeoneilll

2nd – @jjakeanderson

3rd – @ethan_la_dood

Next Stop – Blockless Combat


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