The Cougar Pre-Pandemic Section By Krishna Muthurangu Is Here!

/ / The Cougar Pre-Pandemic Section By Krishna Muthurangu Is Here!

The Cougar – Ready to watch some awesome skateboarding?

“Pre pandemic we were working on filming a longer section and it was meant to be finished off last year but since the start of the pandemic we haven’t been able to film any new clips for obvious reasons! We wanted to start filming fresh from whenever the pandemic is over, so rather than let the old clips go to waste I thought I’d release his older footage in a short section. Despite it being short it’s full to the brim with hammers, so have a watch!” – Krishna Muthurangu from YouTube.

Black Spell skate team rider, Lewi ‘The Cougar’ Johnson in action. Watch it from Youtube here.

The Cougar pre-pandemic section by Bish

Who are Black Spell?

Hailing from the North East shores of the UK, Black Spell is a project formed and ran by a team of creatives who set about to bring society together through action sports and the arts. Equipped with a solid vision and a dedicated passion for skateboarding, surfing, clothing, art, and music, two friends came together to forge a lifestyle brand that would design and distribute products catering for like minded individuals; thus, Black Spell was born. Conjuring a diverse range of imagery, Black Spell infuses the realms of the new and old and demonstrates inspiration with a variation of styles and cultures including: skateboardingsurfingthe occultpsychedelicretro and macabre to name but a few. With this dark yet bizarre concoction, of which alludes to it’s iconic nuances, Black Spell takes a contemporary, alternative, and somewhat distinctive approach to the demands of the modern-day fashion industry, an industry that is saturated, yet persistently thriving.


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