‘Lords of Dogtown’ TV Series Announced

/ / ‘Lords of Dogtown’ TV Series Announced

Lords of Dogtown, the 2005 biopic about the influential Dogtown and Zephyr teams, is being adapted for TV. According to Deadline, Shawn Ryan (the guy who created FX’s gnarly The Shield) is behind the one-hour drama project, and it will be written by Hellion‘s Kat Candler. The IMDB TV show will be centered around a girl who gets into the ’70s So Cal skate scene.

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The original Lords of Dogtown was written by Powell-Peralta‘s Stacy Peralta, who has had an enormous impact in how skateboarding is presented to the mainstream. (The movie was released four years after his amazing Dogtown and Z Boys documentary.) He probably indirectly inspired millions of kids to start skating—and adults to restart after getting caught up in adult stuff—since the early ’80s. Lords of Dogtown was a biopic focused on the Z-Boys and starred the likes of Emile Hirsch as the late Jay Adams, John Robinson as Stacy Peralta, Victor Rasuk as Tony Alva and the late Heath Ledger as Skip Engblom.

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