Collection Lookbook

The Space Witch SS Tee

We pride ourselves on providing premium goods at an affordable rate and we achieve this by cutting out the middle man. The vast majority of our products are designed, tested, marketed and distributed by ourselves, allowing a more rigorous and meticulous approach to everything we sell. By utilising a traditional analogue pen and ink technique, every design we offer has been carefully hand crafted from sketch to vector. Rather than the more common, modern-day, digital drawing style of graphics, this technique allows delivery for a more particular aesthetic and, ultimately, one that is iconic to the brand’s overall presence.

The Unisex Tudor Shroom SS Tee
The Unisex Skull SS Tee and Unisex Script Hoody
The Unisex Space Witch SS Tee and Unisex Logo SS Tee
The Unisex Script LS Tee and Unisex Logo SS Tee

Conjuring a diverse range of imagery, Black Spell infuses the realms of the new and old and demonstrates inspiration with a variation of styles and cultures including: skateboarding, surfing, psychedelic, retro, music and the arts.

Our garments are designed to be worn by men and women. We’re not just a clothing brand, we are a family.