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Lessons In Surfing – Allannah Brown – Community Feature

/ / Lessons In Surfing – Allannah Brown – Community Feature

Black Spell takes its inspiration from board sports culture and the arts. As part of an ongoing ‘Community Feature’ series here at blackspell.co.uk, we’re going to highlight some of the other creatives we have the pleasure of working along side. This is your chance to get to know a little more about the people and processes behind the art; the riders, artists, photographers, makers, creators and collaborators.

Allannah Brown spends most of her time travelling, surfing and snowboarding her way around the world. She is an awesome surfer, a great surfing instructor and a cornerstone in the Black Spell team.

In this interview, Allannah gives us a little insight into her life as a surfing instructor. 

Allannah Brown – Surfing Instructor

Where did you learn to surf?

I learned to surf in Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

Allannah Brown At Home In Newquay – Photo by Darren Hicks

How long have you been teaching surfing?

Almost 12 years!

Where has being a surf coach taken you in the world?

Mexico, France, Morocco, Indonesia, Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa & India – and a few other destinations, but purely for recreation 😉 I currently work for Surf Sistas, so I spend my time bouncing around the world to all of their destinations teaching women to surf.

Allannah Brown With Surf Sistas

What is your favourite part of the world to teach?

Ahhhh this is so hard… but if i had to choose it would probably be Indonesia. The water is so warm and the waves are incredible, you can grab a boat and jump off straight into the line up – and did i mention the food?!

Photos by Surf Sistas
Gallery Photos By Megan Hemsworth

What do you think the best thing about teaching others to surf is?

Learning to surf is the hardest thing in the world!!!! – I never had a lesson, I just went out everyday and tried my hardest, so i guess you could say i learnt the hard way, so the people i teach don’t have to haha –  It’s just so rewarding watching people overcome the physical and mental hurdles surfing throws at you. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to learn to surf?

Embrace your inner child, don’t take it seriously and learn through play!

“Embrace your inner child”
Gallery Photos By Megan Hemsworth

What advice would you give to someone who wants to train to be a surf coach?

Surf coaching can be difficult, and demanding, but remember to always bring your A game to every session, because surfing could change your students life, like it has done for you – sorry for the cheese!

What photo sums up the feeling of teaching surfing to others?

Photo by Megan Hemsworth

Allannah Brown on Instagram


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