Allannah Brown


Allannah Brown spends most of her time travelling, surfing and snowboarding her way around the world. As an awesome surfer and great teacher, we couldn’t be happier to be associated with her! 

Get to know Allannah – Q & A

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Friends call me Allan, I was born in the tropics of England, growing up in a small surf town called Newquay. I was obese as a child and bullied through school. I always had music to help me get through, but when I was 13 I discovered surfing and it changed my life. Finally, I had an outlet where I could be myself, in a place with my own thoughts, where I wasn’t scrutinised or judged, I could just be me! I used to compete on the UK pro tour. I had some good results but slowly started spending less time in the UK and soon the numbers just didn’t matter anymore. I ended all the sponsorships that made me feel like I was selling myself and i started to put all of my energy into travelling. I’ve now been a surf instructor for 10 years, working and surfing my way around the world.

How long have you been surfing?

14 years, which is half of my life now! 

You recently spent some time in the mountains and away from the ocean. How was that?

It was terrifying! – the longest I had been away from the sea for was just 4 weeks. But a few years previous i went snowboarding for the first time and i knew i had to commit to spending some decent time in the mountains. And the risk paid off! (don’t tell my surfboard)

Where’s your favourite place you have surfed?

Sumatra, Indonesia, but im not saying exactly where… Haha

Team Rider Allannah Brown in Costa Rica with SurfSistas

Favourite Black Spell design?

They are all rad, but it would have to be the black and red Logo SS Tee.

Where’s on your bucket list to travel to in the future?

Taiwan, Peru, New Zealand and the Maldives for surf, then Canada & Japan for snow! Think i better start saving haha

Allannah Brown for Black Spell