About Black Spell

Team Rider Lewi ‘The Cougar’ Johnson shot by Tony Brown

Hailing from the North East shores of the UK, Black Spell is a project formed and ran by a team of creatives whose ethos is to bring society together through extreme sports and the arts. Equipped with a solid vision and a dedicated passion for boardsports, clothing, art, and music, two friends came together to forge a lifestyle brand that would design and distribute products catering for like minded individuals; thus, Black Spell was born.

Conjuring a diverse range of imagery, Black Spell infuses the realms of the new and old and demonstrates inspiration with a variation of styles and cultures including: skateboarding, surfing, the occult, psychedelic, retro, stoner, macabre, paganism and metal to name but a few. With this dark yet bizarre concoction, of which alludes to it’s iconic nuances, Black Spell takes a contemporary, alternative, and somewhat distinctive approach to the demands of the modern-day fashion industry, an industry that is saturated, yet persistently thriving.

When it comes to product quality and comfort, Black Spell cuts no corners. All of our garments have been categorically selected for board riding, streetwear and for those who prefer a more ‘relaxed’ fit, meaning that you not only look good, but feel good. Our designs are predominantly screen printed onto premium fabrics using water based inks, which is not only environmentally friendly, but gives our garments a softer/lighter feel whilst retaining durability.

We pride ourselves on providing premium goods at an affordable rate and we achieve this by cutting out the middle man. The vast majority of our products are designed, tested, marketed and distributed by ourselves, allowing a more rigorous and meticulous approach to everything we sell.

By utilising a traditional analogue pen and ink technique, every design we offer has been carefully hand crafted from sketch to vector. Rather than the more common, modern-day, digital drawing style of graphics, this technique allows delivery for a more particular aesthetic and, ultimately, one that is iconic to the brand’s overall presence.

Once the design is complete, we then proceed to the screen printing stage, a traditional style of printing, although one which is by no means dated. With slight bleeding and discrepancies in ink consistency, screen printing grants a more bespoke look to each individual product meaning that, like a snowflake, no two of our prints are exactly the same. On completion, the product is then available to purchase from our easy to use and highly secure online webstore where, once purchased, will be safely packaged and shipped out to our latest cult member.

At Black Spell, we don’t just see ourselves as a clothing brand, but more of a family, a tribe, a cult. Once you purchase a product from us, wear our clothes, or even follow us on social media platforms, you have then become a part of that cult and we endeavour to treat you as a valued member. Our aim is to cut the shackles of mundanity, cross a bridge into the unknown and we invite you to join us. A new dawn begins and we are its creators.

For we are The Psychedelic Church, The Ministry of Darkness, The Unholy Sabbath. We are Black Spell.

“Ex Tenebris, Nobis Surge.”