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Black Spell takes its inspiration from board sports culture and the arts. As part of an ongoing ‘Community Feature’ series here at blackspell.co.uk, we’re going to highlight some of the other creatives we have the pleasure of working along side. This is your chance to get to know a little more about the people and processes behind the art; the riders, artists, photographers, makers, creators and collaborators.

Simon Shields captured by APL Photography

Simon Shields is a Newquay-based free-surfer, content creator and Black Spell surf team rider. Puff and Fluff, Simon’s weekly video blog, features his signature fast, skatey and all around stylish surfing. You can watch the latest Puff and Fluff episode every Saturday from 7pm embedded at blackspell.co.uk. We spoke to Simon last week to see how he was, to talk about surfing and his advocacy for twin fin boards.

Black Spell Team Rider Simon Shields Talks Surfing and Surfboards

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hey, my name is Simon, I’m 32 and hail from Newquay in beautiful Kernow! I am a surfer/creator who spends a large chunk of time exploring the cornish coastline with my partner, pooch and friends.

How long have you been surfing?

I had my first taste of surfing 22 years ago with my old man in Australia. Since then I’d say I’ve been consistently surfing for about 16/17 years.

Simon Shields captured by Ade Bagley (Concrete Ocean)

What motivates you as a surfer? 

What motivates me to surf is the pure connection I get with mother nature, it offers the perfect chance to escape society. It’s also something you continuously learn from and that progression really drives me. 

Who else do you collaborate/work with?

Historically, I’ve only ever collaborated with myself as I’m a little bit of a lone wolf if I’m honest. But over the last few years I’ve been working a lot with Ade (@concrete_ocean_) and have developed a really strong friendship! I have been working on boards with my shaper Andy (@seductionsurfboards) for almost 5 years now as well, which has been a really amazing process and we have some pretty amazing boards!

Black Spell Team Rider Simon Shields

What’s you’re favourite board?

It’s hard for me to narrow down a favourite from my current quiver, as every board is simply amazing! But I guess if it were a desert island situation and I could only take one it would have to be my 5’4 ‘Ishfish Twin Fin’, one of the most solid, trustworthy boards I’ve ever ridden!

What draws you to fish/twin fin style surfboards?

Surfing twin fins has been a recent discovery in my surfing path, but since the first wave on one I was hooked! There is a certain electricity with them that just makes riding any wave extremely fun! And given that Seduction Surfboards likes to add a lot of high performance aspects, the progression you can get from them is insane! Also they are fast and I like to go fast!

Simon Shields captured by Ade Bagley (Concrete Ocean)

Do you think there are any current trends in UK surfing that you are noticing in Cornwall? 

I try not to pay too much attention to the current trends of society, but being down here in Newquay, nothing really changes drastically. We are a town full of surf bums, hippies and gentle folk! When it comes to surf equipment I have noticed a lot more people on twin fins, particularly twin pins.

When you’re not in the water, what is your favourite thing to do?

When I’m not in the water, which isn’t too often, I can be found exploring the coastlines with my partner Chelsea and our pooch Ketut or trying to create something for my YouTube channel. We try to live quite a simple life, so as long as we can get some fresh sea air and nature under our feet, we are pretty happy.

Simon Shields captured by Ade Bagley (Concrete Ocean)

What’s on the cards in the close future? 

I’m excited that the winter session is fast approaching us. I know summer has its qualities but there is something raw and magical about winter here in Kernow that’s hard to beat! There will be plenty of epic surf adventures to come so that means plenty of new exciting content to share. I will also be putting some more time into doing tutorials for the Puff and Fluff YouTube channel.

Where can we see more of you? 

If you want to follow me on the socials to see what I’m up to head over to:

Instagram – @psymonuk

Reddit – u/psymonsurf

Thought I would share this little 360 with ya as it’s very rare for me to get land angles haha from r/surfing

YouTube – Puff and Fluff


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